Who We Are

Lirisha Image Editing Agency Pvt. Ltd., also known as Image Editing Agency, We are an agency with over 5 years of experience in the field of image editing and have emerged as one of the best, within in a short span of time. Most businesses having an online presence require high quality images to advertise their products and services to gain an edge over the competition. Great images are not only a result of great photographers but the image editing team that works behind the scenes. Sometimes, photographers face hindrances of light, incorrect backgrounds, blurred focus, etc while capturing photos. Hence it becomes a pre requisite to invest in a good image editing service.

Our specialities include HDR Blending, Real Estate Photo Editing, Virtual Staging Services, Virtual Furniture, Digital Declutter, the latest 3D rendering technologies, portrait editing, wedding image processing, photo clipping services, E-commerce photo editing., day to dusk conversions, CAD conversion (Floor Plan), processing images for colour, density, hues, background, size, etc. We cater to all types of image enhancement and photo correction processes and can provide the best images to make your marketing campaign successful.

With our dedicated team of skilled and artistic technicians we are a dependable agency when it comes to post processing of images, image manipulation, clipping, 360 degree Panoramas and photo restoration services. We can transform ordinary digital images to exemplary and brilliant pictures. We offer customised services to every client, be it amateur photographers or professionals.

Our creative team are well versed in various softwares like Adobe Photoshop CS6 & plugins, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, PTGUI, AutoDesk Stitcher, PTLens and Tour Viewer etc and greatly understand the role retouching plays in photography.

Not every photographer has the skill sets or time for retouching. Hence the best option would be to outsource it to a reliable agency. Our image editors have the expertise to convert normal, flat and dull images into clear and vibrant ones. The hand of a studio artist transforms every limitation or obstacle into a vibrant image. Outsourcing also saves costs in house setup and production, as there is no need to recruit professionals on a permanent basis. In our 5 years of experience we have catered to various types of industries and clients, like freelance photographers, photo studios, web designers, realtors, interior designers, e commerce dealers, travel agents, food industry etc. Our expertise in the field, assures quality but timely delivery of the final project.

We maintain high quality standards and constantly improvise on technology to ensure compliance and remain one of the top in the market. We provide high level data security. From colour and saturation correction, manipulating the contrast, brightness and density of images, applying filters, altering backgrounds, removing blemishes, noise, and grains in images, we offer professional services at competitive rates.