Video Editing Service

Video Editing Service

  • Creating an amazing video takes more than just shooting it. It requires thorough editing and enhancement to make it topnotch. While this might seem like an easy task, it needs the hand of professionals to make it as spectacular as possible. We at Image Editing Agency recognize this which is why we offer general video editing that comes with various improvement through footage rearrangement, merging of videos as well as cutting off irrelevances in it. Not just this, we add audio-visual effects like music, animations, sounds, and subtitles to your video to give it an outstanding effect when watched. Through our talented video editors, we can help enhance the effects of colors, video quality and even add special kinds of effects to the video to not make it as good as new but also better than you’ve ever imagined it to be.

Real Estate Video Editing

  • we provide state of the art real estate video editing as we help remove all the background noise in videos as well as cutting off the part that is less needed for the purpose of your videos. Not just this, we offer footage clean-up for your videos while also enhancing the picture.
  • We know Real estate video editing is necessary to show the property in all its glory and for the clients to see what they are going to rent or buy. Image editing agency's video editing service is glad to provide marketers in the real estate sphere with high-quality real estate video editing.
Video Editing Service
Video Editing Service

GoPro Video Creation

  • We can also help document your memory through our GoPro video creation services. Any memory, either a walk in the park, mountain climbing or even hiking, we are ready to help you create beautiful memories that will stay with you forever.
  • Choose video editing service online from us and we’ll turn your family memories into a treasured video that you’ll just love to cherish and share. Whether it was filmed on a professional camera or a phone, we can piece it together. We customize and add music, titles, and transitions to create the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether be it christening or a surprise birthday party – we’ve got it covered.

Explainer Video Creation

  • Do you have a social media page where you post helpful videos? Our team is set to help edit your videos by adding special effects to it while also removing background noise in order to make your voice clear to hear. Also, we add subtitles to your explainer videos to create a dual form of communication.
  • Explainer Videos have a lot of work behind in their creation, it is not a simple process yet. Defining a strategy is required beforehand to enhance the final result. Our video editing service is here to disclose the process, give you some interesting tips and create a detailed video designed especially for a particular set of clients.
Video Editing Service
Video Editing Service

Wedding Video Editing

  • Weddings are such remarkable moments and we want to help keep this memory intact through our wedding video editing service. We offer highlight reel editing as well as Drone video editing which will not only help capture the best moments of this day but also present all the details in a very cool way.
  • When it comes to wedding videos, Image editing agency's video editing service offers a first-class video editing service. We work with specialized highly skilled video editors to uphold our commitment to producing superior quality wedding video and get complete customer satisfaction.

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Lirisha providing professional Video Editing Service that makes your business grow in next level. Our Video Editing Service includes Real Estate Video Editing, GoPro Video Creation, Explainer Video Creation, Wedding Video Editing and 360 Panorama Video Creation.