eCommerce Product Photo Editing services

eCommerce Product Photo Editing

  • All product images that we see today are after photo editing. It is done to enhance the beauty of the image. Product photo editing includes retouching, adding or removing details, etc. We use different tools and techniques to enhance the photographs giving importance to colour, shape, and texture, etc. Product photo editing is used in all major industries like fashion, advertising, print media, food industry, e-commerce, etc.
  • Since online shopping has become the buzzword today, photo editors are very much in demand. It isn’t enough to just click the best photograph, enhancing it is equally important.

Jewelry Photo Editing

  • Jewelry image editing and retouching is one of the most daunting and challenging tasks to an image editor. Jewelry retouching implies sharp attention to detail. We have dedicated photo editors to edit Jewelry images. Jewelry photo editing requires that the images are enriched in such a way that the intricate details are highlighted, giving more life to the product.
  • Our Jewelry image editing services are customized to our client requirements and include silhouetting, background removal, image enhancement, eliminating spots from images, contrasts, and colour manipulation, resizing the images, image enhancement and detailing, decluttering etc. Our skilled and creative artists can even replace or change the colour of the stones or the piece of Jewelry itself and create shadows and shine, improve the details, glow and luster to give it a realistic look.
eCommerce Product Photo Editing services
eCommerce Product image Editing services

Apparel Photo Editing

  • Buying clothes is always after taking into account their colour, texture and fit. So it becomes imperative to showcase the apparels in the best possible manner. Apparel Photo Editing ensures that all the details of the clothing are retained and made visible to potential customers. E-Commerce websites require images of outstanding quality to attract customers.
  • Our apparel photo editors possess an aesthetic sense apart from sound technical knowledge and can refine ordinary photographs to outstanding ones, to make them look more authentic and enticing. We enhance the colour of the apparels, remove unwanted accessories, adjust the brightness, contrast and colour, remove creases, scratches, and stains from images, etc. We customize our output to the client’s specific requirements.

Furniture Photo Editing

  • Today, people first check the look of the furniture virtually, before actually seeing them; hence the appeal of the furniture matters a lot, in convincing potential customers. Hence images must be edited to enhance their quality. We boast of a creative enough to even add elements like tapestries or lamps etc to the given images apart from enhancing the key product. Our furniture photo editing services include background alteration, adding or removing elements, tweaking colour, modifying reflections, resizing, creating a 3d appearance, manipulating shadows, and lighting to create special effects, altering the ambiance of the environment, giving classic and vintage finishing to the furniture, etc. We also provide aesthetic touches to beds, chairs, couches, table stands, shelves, wardrobes, and all other types of furniture and fittings.
eCommerce Product Photo Editing services
eCommerce Product Photo Editing services

Stock Photo Editing

  • Meticulous editing is a vital process in stock photography.
  • Even a photograph captured with a high-tech camera, can end up being too bright or dark, or have poor lighting. Every photo requires a unique approach like changing lighting, exposure, contrast, tone, brightness, and shadows.
  • Some photos appear too warm or too cool. Colours have to be kept neutral in stock photography to give a natural effect.
  • Noise, which makes photos appear grainy and of poor quality is a common problem among stock photos. Noise can be corrected by proper photo editing.
  • Noise, which makes photos appear grainy and of poor quality is a common problem among stock photos. Noise can be corrected by proper photo editing.