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Outsource Image Editing Services to Image Editing Agency.
Lirisha Image Editing Agency Pvt. Ltd., also known as Image Editing Agency,
We are an agency with over 5 years of experience in the field of image editing and have emerged as one of the best, within a short span of time. Most businesses having an online presence require high quality images to advertise their products and services to gain an edge over the competition. Great images are not only a result of great photographers but the image editing team that works behind the scenes. Sometimes, photographers face hindrances of light, incorrect backgrounds, blurred focus, etc while capturing photos. Hence it becomes a prerequisite to investing in a good image editing service.

Our specialties include HDR Blending, Real Estate Image Editing, Remove background from Image, Virtual Staging Services, Virtual Furniture, Digital Declutter, the latest 3D rendering technologies, portrait editing, wedding image processing, photo clipping services, E-commerce photo editing., day to dusk conversions, CAD conversion (Floor Plan), processing images for colour, density, hues, background, size, etc.


Our Services

Real Estate Image Editing Services

In the immensely competitive real estate business, gaining the attention of prospective clients becomes the foremost priority and is given the utmost precedence in sales pitches where quality images are used to showcase the property.

Portrait Editing Services

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, so goes the adage. Pictures are memories and who doesn’t want to look great in them. Taking a great picture is only one part of a portrait. Image retouching and editing forms the major part behind the great portraits.

Photo Clipping Services

E-commerce is the current trend and many people resort to online shopping. Hence having clear images with clear backgrounds becomes mandatory. Clipping path is mainly used to remove the background, thereby allowing the usage of its prime product image for varied purposes.

Commercial Image Services

All product images that we see today are after photo editing. It is done to enhance the beauty of the image. Product photo editing includes, retouching, adding or removing details etc. We use different tools and techniques to enhance the photographs giving importance to colour, shape, and texture etc.

360 Panorama

In today’s age of smart phones, i pads and laptops, capturing a good picture is not too difficult. But what if you want to capture a moment or place or experience for posterity!!! A complete view of the place is a unique experience to relive exemplary moments. 360° panorama is a 360-degree field.

Virtual Staging and Renovation

Virtual staging and renovation helps to visualize the finished property, with all the necessary additions of furniture, wall paints etc. All the design changes can be incorporated in the virtual design before going into the cumbersome process of construction. Our efficient designers use 3D designs

About Our Image Editing Services - Outsource Bulk Photo Editing Services

Hold hands with the Leaders in Image Editing Industry and Experience Professional Photo Editing Services.

10+ Years of Industry Experience in giving Premium Image Editing Services to customers from all around the world.

Get High Quality Images - Hire Photoshop Experts for your Image Editing necessities. Benefit Premium Quality Photo Editing.

Image Editing Agency; gives "Proficient Photo Editing Services" to Photos, Digital Studios, Ad-Agencies, Business Clients (E-trade, Real-Estate, Etc.) and Individuals universally. At PEI, the top tier Technology and Tools for Image Editing are practiced by the most cunning and all-around prepared Artists and Photoshop specialists guaranteeing that every single Image that goes through them makes certain to come out great and taking a gander at its absolute best.

The Photoshop Experts at Image Editing Company in India works in changing time zones with clients over the globe, giving Image Editing Services on each vertical, to the whole gang. For over 10 years now, we have been conveying Post Processing Photoshop Services for Customized Image Editing prerequisites of Professional photo editors and an entire scope of businesses, from Real Estate to E-trade, Product Image Clipping to Wedding Photo Editing, Photo Retouching Services to Photo Restoration Services. We have a long and rich experience with serving customers, of various foundations, from various pieces of the world, for various Image-Editing and Photo-Customization necessities like Edit Raw Images, Photo Retouching Services, Photo Cut-out, Clipping-Path, Photo Clipping Service, Edit Wedding Photos, Image Editing, Photo Manipulation, Product Photo Editing, Real Estate Photo Editing Services, Edit Background, Change Background, Background Removal, Photo Restoration, Black and White to Color and the rundown is interminable.

Photo Editing Services For Real Estate Images

Image Editing Agency is the main organization among Real Estate Photo Editing Services suppliers. We have specialists and experts who can flaunt experience that range well longer than 10 years and hold themselves to the best expectations of work and hardworking attitude. The expert Image editors at Image Editing Agency invest wholeheartedly on the Photo Editing Services we give to Real Estate area be it with "Autonomous Real Estate Photos or with Real Estate Property Portals or Realtors". The quality, the turnaround times, and the reasonable evaluating gave by us are the jealousy of the Image Editing redistributing world.

Every single procedure in Real Estate Photo Editing Services is basic, as it incorporates forms like Photo Editing, Color Cast Removal, Perspective Correction, HDR Image Blending, Photo Blending, Image Stitching, Still Image Editing, Sky Changes, Panorama Stitching Services, and so forth. Given that an enormous piece of the Real Estate business depends on usefulness, goals, and wants. The Real Estate industry across Entities, Developers, Realtors, Facilitators, Brokers, Independent Home, and Property proprietors depends intensely if not exclusively on these improved Images and Images to exhibit and sell their Real Estate property. The entire exertion is to guarantee that photos say a lot and allure the client to think about their contributions.

Our expert Real Estate Photo Editing Services group gives a wide assortment of Image Editing Services and takes on explicit Photo Editing prerequisites and difficulties that call for amalgamating and supplementing the diverse procedure and aptitudes. A portion of the Real Estate Photo Editing Services we give.

Color Cast Removal

Color cast is when undesirable hues wash or sprinkle over the photo. This occurs because of numerous reasons, the white parity being off or might be given the conditions of the lighting the real nature are not caught. Additionally, the general arrangement of the photos and when the hues don't commend and gel well, bringing about the Image not being amicable or being how it was envisioned. Every one of these variables leave the Image needing and not being busy is alluring best as it was intended to be.

Still Image Editing

Real Estate Image Editing Services is the way toward chipping away at despite everything Images of Real Estate Photo, be it the insides or the outsides and consummating these photos to be utilized in different media to a great extent site.

The Still Image Editing Service is a procedure that is practically one of a kind to the Real Estate Image Editing Industry, however, utilized in different fields it is basic in the Real Estate Industry. Since Images and Images assume such a huge job in displaying properties available to be purchased by it the insides or the outsides, the Real Estate business is compelled to see Images as the most significant part of an effective industry. This is independent of whether the Images and Images are utilized on sites as is to a great extent the case now or in some other medium, announcements, magazines, handouts, etc.

Background Removal

We support you remove all unwanted elements in the image by our Background removal service. This technique is widely used in E-Commerce websites and apps to get a clear view of the product. Do you own a business related to online shopping? Then implement the Background removal service and grow your business on an online platform. Our photo editing agency offers you the best Background removal service at quality worthy images. When you’re doing the Background removal? The whole image looks different and more attractive. Our main aim is to remove the dull backgrounds and give a perfect background that improves the image neatness.

Background Replacement Service

Do you think that your image does not have the perfect background? Then hire us and we are making the image Background Replacement Service. Make isolate your preferred image with a perfect background that makes your photo more unique and different. We are offering the best Background Replacement Service to all kinds of images at a reasonable price. We have advanced level tools for Background Replacement Service that improve your image and look more perfect and accurate. Sure you get satisfied by our image editing service. We have done picture perfect images by our Background Replacement Service. There are many types of Background Replacement Service.

Image to Vector Services

To make a quality image you go with our Image to vector service it makes your image more sharpness, clarity, improvise the density of the image quality and crispness. It won’t work on the JPEG, PNG and other formats. You need to change the Image to a vector that makes the worth of an image. If your old images are getting blur while zooming because of pixels being broken it is getting blurriness. So make an Image to vector service to get an actual quality of an image that improvises the quality of image by our experts. Our team knows how to change a normal image to vector image as a customer expected.

Item Removal

It is basically about the removal of unwanted items in an image that makes your image more attractive and fresh. The item removal technique is one of the important things in all the business especially in online sales like Ecommerce sites. In online shopping business owners have a product image but in some of the images there are unwanted items in the background on those terms we are using Item removal technique that make the product more unique and more attractive to buy from customers. Our team is expert in Item removal service and also making various Photo Clipping Services, Background removal, Background Replacement Service and Product photo editing.

Sky Change For Real Estate

Sky Change Services as the name proposes is the way toward changing or Editing the sky in an image. This is exceptionally basic and assumes a significant job in Real Estate Photo Editing Services. The general vibe of the image is changed by the Color and the light nature of the sky. In numerous pieces of the globe, light quality differs definitely and the ideal light and sky aren't effectively achievable and cannot be requested of nature. Thus, the following best option is adding sky to Images which is progressively alluring and perfect. The way toward adjusting and changing the sky in an image or when we add sky to Images, all the more so in Real Estate Photo is alluded to as 'Real Estate Sky Change Services'

Viewpoint Correction Changes

In Real Estate Photo Editing, Perspective Correction Service is wherein the straight and printed point of view twists of an image is rectified to guarantee that the Images are a genuine impression of the product that was shot. An image requires rectification in context when regularly the Image plane and the product being shot are not equal and is at an edge; in the resultant image, the vertical line in the image is anything but a genuine impression of the article. This is most normal when one shoots tall structures and questions or when the products shot are far away, making this marvel normal and dangerous in Real domain Photo.

HDR Photo Editing Services

HDR IMAGE BLENDING HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image mixing is where a progression of Images shot on shifting exposures are mixed together to make that one ideal Image with the right tones and shades bringing about that ideal Image which is an essential for sites, handouts and ads for Real domain properties. In this procedure a Real domain HDR Photo Editing Services of image of a similar article are taken at various exposures and afterward devices and programming projects are utilized to guarantee that last HDR Image mixed together from all the shots, catches and shows the product at its alluring best. Since Image and Images talk most and arouse the enthusiasm for a property in a planned customer prime significance ought to be given to the nature of each Image which is being utilized.

Real Estate Photo Blending

Real Estate Image Editing Services is wherein a progression of Images are worked upon at the same time and mixed in together in order to produce and make the most ideal image of a given article, with the ideal hues and tones. This system is generally utilized in Image upgrade and Photo Editing in the Real domain business to guarantee the properties that are available to be purchased or lease are exhibited at its absolute best and the photos mirror the genuine magnificence of the property. In this procedure at least two photos of a similar article are worked upon simultaneously and the various layers of hues and tones are concealing and exposed to make the best image of the product.

HDR Image Stitching

Real Estate Photo Sewing Services is where in numerous Images of the property are shot on fluctuating exposures and afterward, these photos are mixed are hung together to make one single coterminous Image. This on occasion will require other upgrade strategies to be praised to guarantee that the last Image has similar surfaces, hues, tones, and presentations so at make the ideal Image.

Regularly the Real Estate Photoshoots on a tripod the entire article could be the insides of the entire property, they shoot covering all edges and for each range shoot with three or four distinctive exposures. Resulting in around twelve to sixteen Images to work with This idea is basic in shooting Real Estate Images since this permits the last Image to catch various areas of the property be it the insides or the outsides. This gives the watcher an all-encompassing perspective on the property in one single Image, that one Image that recounts to the entire story and allures the imminent customer to see and investigate more. The image gives the watcher the sentiment of remaining inside the room or the product and having 360 degrees see, progressively much the same as a virtual voyage through the property. This is of monstrous use to the Real Estate Industry to give the watchers an away from and feel of the property

Display Stitching

Real Estate Panorama Service is where in multiple Images of the property are shot and these photos are hung together to make one single bordering Image. This now and again will require other improvement systems to be commended to guarantee that the last Image has similar surfaces, hues, tones, and presentations so at make the ideal Image.

Regularly the Photoshoots three or four Images to cover all the points and catch the entire article could be the insides of the property. These Images are then sewed together to make one single Image that catches the article in entire, giving the watcher away from of the entire property in one single Image.

Outsource Image Editing Services

Our team in the image editing agency covers the entire Outsource image editing Services and also covers all kind of retouching works in image like major to minor things in the photos and all kind of editing works done by our image editing agency. Are you looking for an Outsource image editing Services? And then we are the best image editing service at outsource. We know the importance of your image and we take care of it. We always focus on the customer's view like how they expect and what kind of result they are expecting. The Media plays an important role in the Digital Industry. So we never settle down without making our clients happy. We are the top wanted Outsource image editing Services in the industry.

Outsource Photo Editing Services

We are professional Outsource Photo Editing Services for more than five years. And have completed many projects in the industry by our photo editing service.

Our Outsource Photo Editing Services focuses on Real estate image editing, Property photo editing, Portrait retouching, clipping path service, Background removal and replacement service, cut out images, Graphic design services, Artwork services, Image to vector services, Virtual staging services, Ecommerce photo editing, item removal and etc… We are making the new vision to your digital platform in the trend of our Outsource Photo Editing Services. To make an appealing photo editing to your business then contact us.

Cut Out Image

Cut out image services is one of the widely used images editing techniques. The most growing service is Cut out image and you have a question: how does it work? We will explain it’s simple if you need a portion of images then we make cuts of it and replace the good background and fix it in the proper way. There are a lot of ways in a cutout technique. We have a brilliant team in this Cut out Image service and they are working at an advanced level of tools to make our clients happy. The Cut out image service is similar to the Background Replacement Service and Background removal.

Product Photo Editing

We are making the best Product photo editing for all businesses. One of the best ways to promote your product online is by images so the image should be clear and perfect to customers. Try out Product photo editing service on your products and get your sales growth by our images. If you own an ecommerce site then u should do Product photo editing doubtfully because nowadays in online shopping most of the people decide their product choice through image so u must do the Product photo editing to improve your sales in the market and you have low quality images then you not be benefited.

Ecommerce Photo Editing

When it comes to Ecommerce Photo editing we mainly focus on the products in the Ecommerce sites. If you have an Ecommerce site you must do photo editing of the products so that customers get attracted to your product and that improves your product sale. Our Ecommerce Photo editing goes through the several divisions like Photo Clipping Services, Background removal, Background Replacement Service, Cut Out Image, Product photo editing, 360 Panorama Photo Editor, Clipping Path Service and Photo retouching. The main purpose to do Ecommerce Photo editing is to be unique in the Ecommerce industry from the thousands of Ecommerce websites. It makes you feel comfortable and confident to buy a product.

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What Are the Types of Photo Editing Services Offered by a Lirisha Image Editing Agency?

Image editing agency offering various photo editing services mentioned below:

  • Outsource image editing services
  • Real Estate Image Editing Services
  • Real estate HDR blending services
  • Virtual Staging & Renovation
  • 360 panorama photo editing
  • Portrait Editing Services
  • portrait retouching services
  • Photo Clipping Services
  • eCommerce photo editing services
  • Graphics Design Service
  • Logo Design Service
  • Outsource Illustration Service
  • Video Editing Service
  • Data Entry Service
  • Image to vector services
  • Data conversion services
  • Artwork services
  • Product photo editing
  • Background replacement services
  • Background removal
  • Sky replacement services

Why Is Photo Editing Required for Online Business?

The ideal objective of any online business is to get better sales and to increase profits. The striking and attractive images especially in an e-commerce site can get the consumer's attention that can improve sales. The product photo or image editing service ensures better traffic to your site and an awesome way to explore sales growth.

Do You Offer Free Image or Photo Editing Samples?

Definitely, we do offer free image editing samples. Send us your pictures to info@imageeditingagency.com. On the other hand, you can also transfer files using FTP, share by link, drop send, We Transfer, medium, FTP, Use a VPN and you prefer.

How Much Time Should You Spend on Completing a Project or Turnaround Time?

During the working days, we send edited images within 12-24 hours. For bulk photos/batch image processing like images up to 500 will take 1 – 2 working days for your photos to be edited or completed.

Is There Any Discount for Bulk Image Editing?

Yes, We are offering a discount on bulk image orders.

What Is the Pricing Structure at Lirisha Image Editing Agency?

Lirisha Image editing agency provides affordable rates for photo editing services. The price may vary according to the difficulty of the project, volumes, and skills needed.

Why Choose an Lirisha Image Editing Agency?

There are so many image editing agencies that are taking place for the increasing demand for photo editing services. Nowadays most of the companies running online businesses require photo editing services to attract end users.

Before that you should be aware which photo editing agency is best in this competitive market. To advertise the products and services, images play a genuinely important role there. So it will be good if you select the best image editing agency.

One of the best image editors in India is Lirisha Image Editing Agency which provides services across the world. We do not compromise the quality of their works.

Key Benefit of Choosing Lirisha Outsourcing Image Editing Agency?

  • Top most quality images served by our expertized team
  • Affordable rate for photo editing services
  • Discount available for bulk images
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Using advanced techniques
  • Save your time
  • High Quality Results
  • Reuse Images for Better Efficiency
  • Easy Multi-platform Customization
  • All solutions under one roof

Where Can You Offer Your Image Editing Services?

There are no geographical boundaries for online image editing services. We work remotely for clients from all around the world.

How Do You Make Sure My Images Are Secure?

Lirisha Image editing agency following strict security guidelines while dealing with customers. We ensure that none of our client's pictures are scattered, sold, or advertised on any other websites. Your images are completely safe with us.